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Memory Box

As part of the “From My Perspective” intervention delivery method, each individual listening experience once completed is placed in a specially designed and personalised "Memory Box", which can play the entire listening experience interview, music and sound design elements for the participant via in-built loudspeakers and headphones.


The Memory Box reflects the design aesthetic of an old vintage radio and was purpose-built for this project.

The listening experience includes several audio elements that encompass the entire experience. This includes the voice of the participant from the interview mentioned above, sound design and musical elements. The sound design elements will consist of short excerpts of sounds, ambience, soundscapes, atmospheres, effects, etc.


These sounds are collected, recorded and / or composed by the research team and then combined with the participant's voice to accompany the narrative. This form of sound design is called "storytelling sound design" and is mainly used to present narratives through the use of sound. One of the strengths of this intervention is that the element of sound design in each listening experience differs in that its composition is participant-centred and each listening experience is unique in content.


Examples of the type of sonic environments used include night-time soundscape, forest ambience and wood crackling fire sound effects combined together to accompany the participants' interview audio, in which they re-told old camping stories from their childhood.


‘’A very worthwhile project. People would pay to get this memory box!‘’

- Family Member of Participant

The aforementioned musical elements consist of subtle tones, light drones and musical motifs. The sounds are in turn composed by the research team after the recorded interview and combined with the sound design and voice of the participant. This form of composition is known as a ‘musical bed’. In contrast to a full musical score / soundtrack, the accompaniment of light, peaceful warm drones will help fill in the periods of silence within the listening experience, contribute to the mood / tone of the experience and serve as a transition tool between sections.


As soon as the listening experience has been completed, it is exported to a MicroSD card and placed within the developed Memory Box.

‘’The multi-sensory aspect was great. Lovely to look at and touch. Amazing to listen to’’

- Family Member of Participant

Memory Box - Diagram.png
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