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‘From My Perspective’ is new a research project that uses audio recorded interviews with hospice users combined with music & sound design to create individualised listening experiences for the participant and their family to keep in order to benefit various outcome measures. These outcome measures relate to a participant's well-being, quality of life and shared family communication.


Following the project’s completion, each participant’s contribution will be presented to them and their family in the form of a physical ‘memory box’ (shown in the photo) that is capable of playing back the experience through speakers/headphones.


‘’What an amazing memory to have, we honestly can't thank you enough’’

- Family Member of Participant

For more information about this project, please contact Isaac Gibson at:

''I'm Really Glad That I'm Still Alive in Order to See This''

- Hospice Participant

Interviews are conducted around the topic of life review and after completion, will be combined with unique, participant-oriented music and sound design elements to create unique listening experiences that reflect the stories, life experiences and character of each participant.


As part of this intervention’s delivery method, each individual listening experience is placed in a specially designed and personalised "Memory Box", which can play the sonic experience via in-built loudspeakers and headphones. The Memory Box reflects the design aesthetic of an old vintage radio and was purpose-built for the project. This research project is being conducted in the context of a PhD qualification at the Sonic Arts Research Centre, Queen’s University Belfast, supervised by Professor Pedro Rebelo and Dr Paul Best.


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