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''The sound effects are fantastic.''

- Irish News (''Shirley Valentine'')


''Isaac Gibson has created an incredible overwhelming sensory sound design that amplifies the emotions we see on stage.''

- Alan in Belfast (''Natural Disaster'')

''Again the talents of Isaac Gibson fills the role. As is his want, electronic music is the fare for the performance.''

- Conor O'Neill (''Lucid'')

The audio is beautifully crafted by sound designer Isaac Gibson''

- Alan in Belfast (''So I Can Breathe This Air'')

''Isaac Gibson as sound director knows his stuff.''

- Conor O'Neill (''Natural Disaster'')

''Isaac Gibson’s sound design firmly places the opening scenes''

- Jamie With Travel (''Here We Lie'')

“A gorgeous and uplifting escape – this blew us away.''

- Arts & Business NI (''Repose'')

''Isaac Gibson’s choice of songs and sound effects add, but only when necessary.''

- Conor O'Neill (''A Thought For Your Pennies'')



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